Northern Force was the name the Charisians used for the fleet of ships from the Corisandian, Emeraldian and the Royal Chisholmian Navy's which travelled to Charis Island from the north-east in order to participate in the planned invasion.

Its counterpart was the Southern Force, which was composed of units from the Dohlaran and Tarotisian Navy. (OAR)

Organization Edit

The Southern Force was under the overall command of Lord Ernyst Lynkyn, Duke of Black Water, the senior military officer of the League of Corisande. (OAR)

Strength Edit

Admiral Black Water had an overall 183 galleys under his command, including at lead 36 units from the Kingdom of Chisholm. (OAR)

History Edit

The Northern Force was throughoutly defeated in the Battle of Darcos Sound; 117 ships were captured by the Royal Charisian Navy, while 49 were sunk. Of the large armada that entered the battle, only seventeen ships were able to escape. (OAR)

To show his good faith in forming an alliance with Chisholm, King Cayleb II later returned the thirty-six Chisholmian galleys his navy captured unharmed. (BSRA)

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