The Oath of Loyalty was an oath sworn by all of the nobility of Corisande after the defeat of Corisande's military and the death of its ruler. The Oath was sworn to loyally serve and support Emperor Cayleb, and Empress Sharleyan, as well as the Regency Council and Prince Daivyn.


Like medieval Earth, oaths taken on Safehold were not taken lightly and often sworn against the Church, and on one's life. They were usually sworn before a member of the Church and/or a member of the nobility. In the case of the Oath of Loyalty to Emperor Cayleb and Empress Sharleyan, although they were excommunicated by the Church of God Awaiting, they decided to treat it as if it were a binding oath, against the life of the those who swore it. (BHD)

Text of the Oath of LoyaltyEdit

"...To be ...true man of heart, will, body, and sword... [without mental or moral reservation]... We will extend protection against all enemies, loyalty for fealty, justice for justice, fidelity for fidelity, and punishment for oath-breaking. May God judge us and ours as He judges you and yours." (HFAF)

List of Oath TakersEdit

Oath BreakersEdit

Since the swearing of the Oath of Loyalty, the only known breakers of it were those involved in the Northern Conspiracy, led by the Grand Duke of Zebediah, Tohmys Symmyns, who was later sentenced to death for his act of rebellion. (HFAF)

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