The Occupation of Corisande began with the end of the Charisian invasion and the assassination of Prince Hektor, as well as the submission of the local religious and political leaders.[1]

The occupation force was composed of several different groups, both Charisian and Corisandian. Starting with the Corisandian House of Lords and the House of Commons, along with Regency Council, both of whom took the oath of allegiance to both Emperor Cayleb and Daivyn Daykyn. The senior Charisian representative was Viceroy General Hauwyl Chermyn, who had two thirds of the sixty thousand Charisian Marines occupying Corisande with him in the capital of Manchyr.

The occupation has had several important milestones, beginning with the Lizardherd Square Riot, the gradual handover of responsiblity of to Corisandian soldiers, and the effective supression of resistance in Manchyr and the Northern Conspiracy.

With the creation of the Regency Council and the supression of the Corisandian Resistance, the occupation seemed to enter a more peaceful phase. Soldiers of the occupation force who committed crimes could expect to be punished as per local laws; this and other Charisian policies began to cement a friendship between the two realms. (AMF)

References Edit

  1. It was similar to the occupation of Japan and Germany after World War II on Old Earth, with the exception that there was much more violence at the beginning of the Charis occupation.