Ohlarn, also spelt Ohlarhn, was a town located within the New Northland Province, in the Republic of Siddarmark.  It lay between the West Ice Ash Mountains, and the Ice Ash Mountains, in the Ohlarn Gap. The Guarnak–Ice Ash Canal passed through the town.  (map)

Transportation LinksEdit

Ohlarn was connected by road to Guarnak to the south, Hyrdmyn to the north, and St. Zane to the east.  By canal it was connected also with Guarnak, and with Fairkyn.  (map)


Ohlarn was very much affected by the turmoil of the Siddarmark Civil War.  The mayor who led the town, Elaiys Bekatyro, was unseated unjustly by Bynno Leskyr, who had him removed by making false claims to Father Ghatfryd, the local indentant.

During the early stages of the conflict, the 20th Artillery Regiment was stationed within it. (MTAT)