Princess Ohlyvya was an Emeraldian citizen, the wife of Prince Nahrman II, and mother of Prince Nahrman III.

She was as tall as her husband. After getting married, she gave birth to four children, Mahrya, Nahrmahn Gareyt, Trahvys, and Felayz. (BSRA)

She was her husband's most trusted advisor, and became part of Merlin's Inner Circle along with him. Nahrmahn II was mortally wounded when protecting her from an explosion during a Temple Loyalist terror attack. Thanks to Merlin, she got a few minutes with her husband before he died from his injuries. She later witnessed their oldest son swear fealty to the Imperial Charisian crown. (HFAF)

In summer of the Year of God 896, Merlin informed her that he had downloaded her husband's personality and stored it in his computer in Nimue's Cave, where Nahrmahn continued his existence as a sort of "ghost." After some hesitation and a long talk with Merlin, Ohlyvya decided to make contact with him. (MTAT)