Republic of Siddarmark

Map of Old Province

The Old Province was the central province, and the original heartland, of the Republic of Siddarmark, on the coast of the Markovian Sea. (HFAF)


The Siddar River ran through the region, serving as a major waterway for the shipment of coal. (AMF)


It was the most populous province, with twenty-three million inhabitants. (MTAT) Its main settlement was the capital city of Siddar, on the shores of Bedard Bay. (map) Fort Raimyr was located fifteen miles to its north.

Civil WarEdit

During the first phase of the Siddarmark Civil War, government control was established early, especially after the Constitution Square Massacre. Although there was a great deal of bloodshed, the province was brought under firm control of the forces loyal to the Lord Protector. (HFAF)

By early YOB 896 Old Province along with New Province had absorbed by far the largest proportion of refugees from the other war torn provinces. With the break-down of the Republic's transportation network, foods, animals, and fodder to support the swelling populations was met by the Empire of Charis, with their massive sea-lift of supplies. (MTAT)