Operation Rakurai was a carefully planned series of suicide bombings carried out in the Charisian Empire by Temple Loyalists working for Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn.


Carts loaded with stolen gunpowder were driven to sensible locations within the city and brought to explosion in order to kill as many people as possible.[1] (HFAF)


The victims included Earl Gray Harbor, Prince Nahrmahn II of Emerald, and many other Charisian officials as well as countless civilians and city guards. The total death toll was estimated at almost 1,750. The youngest known victim was a one-and-a-half-year-old girl. In Manchyr eight hundred people were killed.  (HFAF)

References Edit

  1. Wagons loaded with explosives were a real tool of terror during the 18th Century AD. During the rein of Napoleon Bonaparte, an attempt on his life took place on Christmas Eve in 1800 when a massive bomb exploded near his carriage as he went to the opera.