The Order of Schueler was a clerical order of the Church of God Awaiting.

Based on the teachings of the Archangel Schueler, the Schuelerites managed the Office of the Inquisition, thus being responsible for enforcing the Proscriptions of Jwo-jeng. They were led by the vicar holding the position of Grand Inquisitor. (OAR)

The order's color was purple, and its symbol was the sword. In the late 890s of God, the Schuelerites had become by far the most powerful order within the church. (HFAF)

Seijin Dialydd Mab became known and feared as a hunter of Schuelerites who had committed atrocities in the name of Mother Church. (AMF)

When the people of Zion eventually rose up in rebellion against the Inquisition in the Year of God 898, many Schuelerite priests were arrested or murdered by angry mobs, leading to many more to go into hiding. Once Rhobair Duchairn rose to the Grand Vicarate, he did his best to break the order's power, abolishing the office of Grand Inquisitor and replacing it with the a court of three vicars that he barred any Schuelerite from serving on. (AST)

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