Owl was the name Nimue Alban gave to the Ordoñes-Westinghouse-Lytton RAPIER tactical computer her friend Pei Shan-wei had installed in her cave under the Mountains of Light.

Owl had a pleasant, almost naturally modulated tenor voice, and was highly competent in its own areas of expertise. However, tactical computers had deliberately suppressed volitional levels and required higher levels of direct human command input. In theory, Owl's programming was heuristic, and something resembling a personality ought to emerge eventually. Still, in Nimue Alban's eyes, the AI was not precisely brimming with imagination or the ability – or desire – to anticipate questions or instructions.[1] (OAR)

Owl monitored and checked the data that Nimue Alban's SNARC's collected all over Safehold, and even converted some of it into hand-written letters which were then sent to Charis. (BSRA)

Humanoid AvatarEdit

When a copy of Nahrmahn II Baytz's personality was uploaded into the computer of Nimue's Cave some time after his death, it requested a more "personal" way to interact with Owl within the virtual reality, resulting in the creation of a humanoid avatar strongly based on Merlin's outer appearance, albeit with a more androgynous face. The two of them then spent the equivalent of several months in "hyper heuristic mode", allowing Nahrmahn to drastically increase the former fire control computer's abilities, eventually turning it self-aware. (MTAT)

References Edit

  1. Owl is likely a reference to Archimedes, the talking owl who accompanied the wizard Merlin in the T. H. White novel The Once and Future King, and the Disney adaptation, The Sword in the Stone.