Paitryk Hainree was a Corisandian citizen and silversmith.

In the 890s of God, he had become a very skilled engraver. After the Invasion of Corisande, his business closed, leaving him and his employees unemployed. He did quickly find employment as a typesetter, creating messages for the Corisandian Resistance. The Lizardherd Square Riot was believed to have been started by him and his former employees, and later after the murder of Tymahn Hahskans, he was arrested and sentenced to death.[1] (AMF)

After his fellow Temple Loyalists were arrested, he evaded capture and found new employment with the city of Manchyr's Construction and Maintenance Office. He grew a beard, cut his hair differently, changed the way he dressed, gotten a colourful tattoo on his right cheek and the side of his neck, and found himself a room on the other side of the city where no one had ever seen or known him, and assumed the name Bahrynd Laybrahn. From there, he plotted the regicide of Empress Sharleyan by himself, as he feared bringing in others would expose his plot to discovery. (HFAF)

References Edit

  1. His name is possibly a reference to Patrick Henry, an Old Earth politician.