Father Paityr Wylsynn was a priest of the Order of Schueler and the Intendant of Charis. He served both Erayk Dynnys and the "schismatic" Maikel Staynair in that capacity.

Physical appearance Edit

He was slender, with red, curly hair, and gray eyes. (OAR)

Biography Edit

Paityr Wylsynn was born in the Temple Lands as the son of Vicar Samyl Wylsynn and his first wife, Tanniere. His mother died while giving birth to his younger sibling, Erais. (AMF) Paityr chose to become a cleric of the Church of God Awaiting like his father, and, also like Vicar Samyl, joined the Order of Schueler. At some point before he began to serve as an Intendant in Charis, he was entrusted with the Stone of Schueler, which he carried with himself hidden in his Scepter of Langhorne.

In Charis, he became a fan of the Tellesberg Krakens.

He was deeply respected in Charis generally, and in the capital of Tellesberg in particular. No one doubted the strength of his personal faith, and unlike most Schuelerites, no one had ever accused him of abusing his office. Upon receiving orders from Erayk Dynnys to investigate the leadership of Charis, he revealed the existence of the Stone of Schueler to King Haarahld VII, Crown Prince Cayleb, and Merlin Athrawes. He tested each of them with the device, finding them all to be truthful. (OAR)

In March of the Year of God 893, he learned through a letter from his stepmother that his father and the rest of the Circle would likely be purged by the Inquisition. It was also revealed that he held a "key" to an unknown reference that could only be accessed inside the Temple of God. (AMF)

Father Paityr accepted the Church of Charis in the Year of God 894, and became the Archbishop's Intendant, as well as the director of the Royal Patent Office. After taking the position, he threw himself at his work and approved several new technologies with minimal argument, or hesistation. In early 895 YOG, he found himself confused, burnt out and depressed over the deaths in his family and the course his life was taking. Archbishop Staynair allowed him to take a sabbatical at the Monastery of Saint Zherneau to find himself once again.

In May 895 YOG, he was exposed to the truth of Safehold's past and Merlin's mission, and was brought into the Inner Circle. (HFAF)

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