The Parliament of Charis was the legislative body of the Kingdom of Charis' government.

It was made up of three somewhat equally sized groups, namely: the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and high ranking bishops and senior abbots. They were representatives of the nobility, the common people, and the Church of God Awaiting respectively. A single person was chosen to act as the presiding officer, referred to as the Speaker. His job was that of presiding over the debates and determining who could speak.

The body met together in the building that was known as the House of Parliament.

Despite what the Charisian monarchs may have wanted, there was no way there could have been a parliament without a massive one-third's representation of the Church within it. Also, despite the huge difference in population between nobles and common folk, the House of Commons was only marginally larger than that of the House of Nobles. (BSRA)

This parliament was later replaced by the Imperial Parliament. But not until the death of both Cayleb and Sharleyan. Until then, both kingdoms continued to exist. (BHD)

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