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Payter Shain was a Charisian citizen and an officer of the Imperial Charisian Navy.

In the Year of God 893, he held the rank of Captain and commanded HMS Dreadful, and served as Admiral Kohdy Nylz's flag captain. (BHD)

Promoted to the rank of Admiral by the Year of God 895, he was the flag officer commanding the Charisian squadron based at Thol Bay in the Kingdom of Tarot and was responsible for the Gulf of Jahras Blockade. In August of that year, he led the ICN vanguard in the Battle of Iythria. (HFAF)

In April of the Year of God 896, Shain was ordered to reposition his ships to Eralth Bay to cover the Gulf of Mathyas. (MTAT)

In September of the Year of God 896, Shain and his squadron, led by HMS Powerful, were stationed at Jahras Island in the Gulf of Jahras with the intent of disrupting the operations of Desnairian privateers using the Gulf as a base of operations. (LAMA)