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Pei Kau-yung was a Terran citizen and an officer of the Federation Navy.

Physicial appearance[]

Like his brother, Pei was a small and wiry man. (OAR)


He was the brother of fellow naval flag officer Admiral Pei Kau-zhi, and married to Pei Shan-wei, one of the civilian administrators of Operation Ark.

After his brother's death following Operation Breakaway, he was the senior remaining military officer left in fleet. Along with his wife, he opposed the creation of the Safeholdians' anti-technology mindset, and saw her removed from the Administrative Council by Eric Langhorne and his followers. He and Shan-wei had very public falling out, which was staged to give him a place in the middle of Langhorne's staff.

When Shan-wei was killed when the Administrative Council used an orbital bombardement to destroy the Alexandria Enclave, turning it into the wasteland known as Armageddon Reef, Commodore Pei sent a last message for Nimue Alban's PICA to the cave where it was kept hidden, then launched a strike against the other "archangels" at the Lake Pei Enclave with a weapon of mass destruction, killing himself and most of them, including Langhorne, Bédard, Pasquale, Sondheim. (OAR)


Due to the works of Maruyama Chihiro, Commodore Pei was remembered by all Safeholdians as the Archangel Kau-yung, "Father of Destruction and Lord of Treachery", who wounded the archangels' physical forms so badly that they had to leave the mortal world before their work was done.

However, Merlin Athrawes, the identity assumed by Nimue Alban's PICA, was determined to restore his honor in the long end. Nimue remembered him dearly, and sometimes called Prince Cayleb "young grasshoper", as Kau-yung used to call her during exercises.[1] (OAR)

Service Record[]


  • Commodore


  • Military CO, Operation Ark


  1. A reference to the Old Earth television series Kung Fu.