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Map of Corisande

The Princedom of Corisande was a nation on the planet Safehold.

It was a monarchy led by the royal House of Daykyn.


Located in the eastern hemisphere of Safehold, the Princedom occupied the island of Corisande and was the principal member state of the League of Corisande.


For a certain amount of time, Corisande coexisted with the neighboring princedom on Princedom of Zebediah until the conquest of Zebediah Island by the Corisandian Army and the establishment of the League. (OAR, BSRA)

In the Year of God 893, after the Charisian invasion and the subsequent disbanding of the League, the Princedom became an individual part of the Empire of Charis. (BHD)

After the Occupation of Corisande, the Princedom was governed by the Regency Council on behalf of Daivyn Daykyn. Aside from enforcing good governance, the Empire of Charis abolished serfdom, but still retained the traditional law of the Princedom. (HFAF)

Known Rulers[]

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