Map of Emerald

The Princedom of Emerald was a nation located on Emerald Island, in Safehold's eastern hemisphere.

Its capital city was Eraystor.

History Edit

It was an independent nation and closely associated with the League of Corisande. Together with the League, it was ordered by the Group of Four to launch an invasion of the Kingdom of Charis in the Year of God 891. However, its navy was crushingly defeated in the Battle of Darcos Sound. (OAR)

Some time later, Prince Nahrmahn II sent his First Councilor, the Earl of Pine Hollow, to the Charisian capital of Tellesberg to discuss terms of surrender. To his astonishment, Emperor Cayleb allowed him to keep his life and his crown after he swore allegiance to the newly created Imperial throne of Charis. In addition, Nahrmahn's daughter, Princess Mahrya, was betrothed to Emperor Cayleb's brother, Zhan Ahrmahk, to further unite the empire. Thus, Emerald became part of the Charisian Empire, defying the Group of Four and Prince Hektor of Corisande. (BSRA)

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Military Edit

The Emeraldian Navy was one of the more powerful navies of Safehold in the 9th Century of God, but it proved no match for the Royal Charisian Navy, which almost completely destroyed it in the Battle of Darcos Sound. (OAR)

What was left of it was incorporated into the Imperial Charisian Navy after Emerald became a vassal of the Empire. (BSRA)

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