Border States

The Border States

Sardahn was a small land-locked nation located in Border States, the quasi-buffer zone between the Temple Lands and the Republic of Siddarmark.

History Edit

During the Siddarmark Civil War, it contributed men and materials to the Army of God. (MTAT)

In the Year of God 896, an accident caused the destruction of a canal lock near the town of Sarkyn. The Office of the Inquisition soon conducted an "investigation" in the area and effectivly massacred its civilian population. (LAMA)


It bordered with the neighbouring Border States of Jhurlahnk, the Earldom of Usher, the Duchy of Ernhart, and the Barony of Charlz, as well as the provinces of Tarikah, and Westmarch from the Republic of Siddarmark. The city of St. Vyrdyn was an important city within the country.

The Ferey, and the N. Daivyn Rivers, were the principle rivers in the Princedom. (map)

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