Prior to the attempted invasion of Charis, most nations of Safehold would parole prisoners of war (POWs) as soon as possible, to avoid having to feed, house, and guard them. Since that time it has become the custom to hold prisoners in varied conditions, for long periods of time.


With over 60,000 POWs as of the Year of God 895, the Empire of Charis had come up with several strategies in dealing with them. During the Invasion of Corisande, the Empire, instead of paroling Sir Koryn Gahrvai and his army, moved them into the vicinity of Dairos, where a prisoner camp was established. This was done for several reasons, including keeping Gahrvai from going back on his oath, because Emperor Cayleb and his nation were under an excommunication which could make the oath invalid. (BHD)

Later after the Battle of the Gulf of Tarot the Empire had greatly increased it's POW's, and began the practice of using prison hulks, which were converted hulls of older ships. (HFAF)

In August of YOG 895, the Empire of Charis decried that it would not accept surrender from those employed by the Grand Inquisitor. If they were brought to trial it would be to determine if they were agents for the Inquisition, and the punishment would be death; without appeal, and to be done swiftly, and without torture. (HFAF)

Church of God Awaiting & Allied NationsEdit

Like the Empire of Charis, the Temple Lands and its allied nations once paroled enemy combatants, to reduce the costs of maintaining them, but since the attempted Invasion of Charis, that policy was reversed. Whenever possible, the Temple Lands seek to extradite and torture any and all POWs from allied nations, such as the prisoners from the Ferayd Massacre and the crew of HMS Dancer. (HFAF)

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