Sir Rainos Ahlverez was a Dohlaran citizen and an officer of the Royal Dohlaran Army.

He was a first cousin of Lord Faidel Ahlverez, Duke of Malikai. In the Year of God 896, he was given command of the army assigned to invade the Republic of Siddarmark, a position he gladly accepted as a chance to take revenge for the death of his cousin in the Battle of Rock Point. (MTAT)

Although he placed considerable blame for the defeat upon the Earl of Thirsk , his experience under the command of the Duke of Harless as part of the Army of Shiloh , convinces him that the Earl was in a similar position. He's particularly concerned about the ill-managed Desnairan supply-lines and the slow movement of Desnairan troops.

At the Battle of Kyplyngyr Forest , Sir Rainos reacted quickly and aggressively to the arrival of the allies on the supply lines of the Army of Shiloh. His decisiveness and the courage of the Desnairan and Dohlaran regiments under his command almost breaks the Charisan 2nd Corps, which would have allowed the Army of Shiloh to escape. When the attacks fail he recommends a retreat south, believing losses - although severe - in retreating without supplies will be less than the losses in a renewed attack.

With his proposal rejected by the Duke of Harless, he orders the Dohlaran regiments to retreat anyway and is present in the Duke's tent, possibly to inform him of this, when the news arrives of the second Charisan thrust from the east. Following this, Sir Rainos successfully leads his army out of the Duke of Eastshare 's trap for the Army of Shiloh.