The Raynair's Pride Incident occured during the Dohlar Blockade in the Year of God 880, between the galleon Raynair's Pride, and an unnamed Dohlaran war galley in the approaches to Silkiah Bay.

Prelude Edit

Although the Charisian merchant vessel was not headed to a Dohlaran port, but rather their cargo had been bound for a spice merchant in the Grand Duchy of Silkiah, they had entered waters covered by the Dohlar Blockade.

Rahnyld IV, King of Dohlar, had been levying a passage fee on all vessels entering the areas of the Gulf of Dohlar, Hankey Sound, and Silkiah Bay, and eventually over a thousand miles in the Gulf of Dohlar. Raynair's Pride, was captained by Ahbnair and Wyllym Raynair, the master and first mate, as well as joint owners, were known for their stubbornness, and lack of desire to pay the passage fee. (BSRA)

Engagement Edit

No one in Charis knew exactly what had happened that afternoon in the waters between Hankey Sound, and Silkiah Bay. But the one fact that was known was that the galleon Raynair's Pride had been fired into, boarded, and then sunk by the Royal Dohlaran Navy. Neither Ahbnair nor Wyllym Raynair survived the experience, and only two of their crewmen ever made it home. (BSRA)

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