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Merlin Athrawes in the cockpit of a recon skimmer

A recon skimmer was a small airborne vehicle capable of carrying a number of human passengers as well as freight. The models used by the Terran Federation shortly before the Gbaba invasion could travel through a planet's atmosphere at supersonic speed.[1]

History Edit

Pei Kau-yung and Pei Shan-wei had two recon skimmers stored in Nimue's Cave. Nimue Alban's PICA, now calling itself Merlin Athrawes, made good use of the vehicles. (OAR)

Steering a skimmer into the higher atmosphere of Safehold became Merlin's favorite way of finding a little peace and solitude in the middle of all the challenges he faced. (BSRA)

In the Year of God 893, Merlin used one of the skimmers to rush to the Convent of Saint Agtha in order to save Empress Sharleyan's life. He later brought Emperor Cayleb back to Tellesberg aboard the skimmer, an experience the young monarch found to be amazing. (BHD)

Some time later, Merlin brought the pregnant Empress to Nimue's Cave for a medical examination aboard one of his skimmers. He also used the opportunity to show her the planet from orbit. (AMF)

Technical specifications Edit

Merlin's recon skimmers possessed a adjustable stealth mode, which used the vessel's smart-skin fuselage to faithfully duplicate its surroundings. The cockpit was covered in armorplast. Others systems included a tractor beam emmiter and a built in ladder.

The skimmer could also hover in one place for an extended amount of time. (OAR)

References Edit

  1. Up to Mach 6 according to Off Armageddon Reef.