The Republic of Siddarmark Army was the land-based military force of the Republic of Siddarmark.

It was widely acknowledged as the most effective land-based armed force in Safehold's history. (OAR) Its strength was around 3 million; 1.2 million regular forces, and the remainder local militia by the Year of God 895.[1] Once the Sword of Schueler struck and civil war engulfed the Republic, however, that number was drastically reduced. (MTAT)

The Siddarmarkian pike phalanx was an extremely effective military unit whereever it could find a place to stand, assuring the Republic's successful expansion towards the Desnairian Empire over the hundred and fifty Safeholdian years prior to the Year of God 890. (AMF)

The Siddarmarkian army didn’t use bugles, it relied instead on drummers, who accompanied the company and regimental commanders. (MTAT)

The commanding general of the Army was the Seneschal of Siddarmark. (HFAF)

By YOG 896 the Republic's military had been reduced to a total strength of under four hundred thousand, supported by only nine hundred thousand militia. Almost 2/3rds of its pre-war strength had been lost to fighting, starvation, or went over to the loyalist forces. The largest single portion, about seventy thousand regulars and ninety-six thousand militia were concentrated in Old Province. (MTAT)

References Edit

  1. This was almost one percent of the planet's entire population.