Rhobair Seablanket was a Corisandian citizen and the Earl of Coris' valet.

His mother was from the Harchong Empire, where a local squire raped her at the age of thirteen, and killed her father when he protested, with the local inquisitor looking on and doing nothing. She and her two sisters made it to the Corisandian capital of Manchyr, where she married one of Prince Hektor's armsmen. (HFAF)

He was tall, thin man, close to fifty years old in the early 890s of God, with stooped shoulders, brown hair, dark eyes, and a full but neatly trimmed beard. He also boasted a long nose and an habitually lugubrious expression. He looked like the compulsive-worrier sort of man no one had ever heard tell a joke, but he was a competent, if occasionally overly fussy, valet. However, unknown to the Earl, he was also a spy for Archbishop Wyllym Rayno, Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn's second-in-command. (AMF)