Rothar was a small village in the Kingdom of Charis, eighteen miles from the capital city Tellesberg.

The village was near the Harith Foothills, the location of an assassination attempt on Crown Prince Cayleb Ahrmahk plotted by Prince Nahrmahn of Emerald, in cahoots with Kahlvyn Ahrmahk, Charisian Duke of Tirian and trusted cousin of King Haarahld VII. Protected by six of his personal guardsmen, commanded by Ahrnahld Falkhan, Cayleb was hunting for a slash lizard that had been terrorizing the villagers. The assassination was prevented in the last moment by Seijin Merlin Athrawes, whom Cayleb met there for the first time. This intervention helped Merlin win the confidence of Crown Prince Cayleb and his father the King. (OAR)

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