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The Royal Charisian Navy was the naval military force of the Kingdom of Charis, operating the most advanced fleet of warships in all of Safehold.

It became the Imperial Charisian Navy in the Year of God 892.


The Royal Charisian Navy served the purpose of protecting Charisian waters and commerce for hundreds of year.

When the Knights of the Temple Lands urged a number of neighboring nations into attacking Charis with their navies, the RCN battled them in a number of decisive battles, including the Battle of Rock Point and the epic Battle of Darcos Sound, the largest naval battle in Safeholdian history at the time. (OAR)

Upon the creation of the Empire of Charis, it was united with the Royal Chisholmian Navy and transformed into the Imperial Charisian Navy. (BHD)


Rank and Command structure[]

The senior uniformed officer of the fleet was the High Admiral of the Royal Charisian Navy.[1] (OAR)

For details, see Charisian military ranks


Around the Year of God 890, the Royal Navy kept eighty galleys in permanent commission, along with only a handful of galleons, with another fifty galleys being held in reserve. Thus, the overall fighting strength in case of a war was about 130 hulls. (OAR)


  1. The office was held by Bryahn Lock Island in the Year of God 892.

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