The Royal Palace of Manchyr was the official residence of the monarchs of the League of Corisande. It was located in the capital city of Manchyr, overlooking Manchyr Bay. (OAR)

In the Year of God 895, the palace was described thusly:

"Sunlight spilled through tall, arched windows down its long western wall, puddling on the polished parquet floor’s inlaid marble medallions and geometric patterns. The wall itself was plastered and coffered, with the personal seals of the last half-dozen Princes of Corisande worked into the recesses between the window embrasures in vibrant colour, and banners hung from the high, spacious ceiling Manchyr's near-equatorial climate imposed on local architecture. That vaulted ceiling was also coffered, with polished, richly gleaming wooden beams framing painted panels decorated with incidents from the House of Daykyn's history, and the entire eastern wall consisted of latticed glass doors opening onto a formal garden glowing with tropical blossoms and glossy greenery."

In June of the Year of God 895, Empress Sharleyan conducted several sentencing trials for the Northern Conspiracy. During the several days it ran, Paitryk Hainree attempted unsuccessfully to murder her, it was however foiled by Merlin Athrawes, resulting in the death of the assassin.

Within the Royal Palace was Princess Aleatha's Ballroom, which was renowned for its magnificent, darkly paneled walls. (HFAF)