Safehold Wiki

Safehold viewed from space. (From Selden Ball at Wilson Lab.)

Safehold was the planet on which humanity settled as a result of Operation Ark. After the destruction of the Terran Federation by the Gbaba, it was the last world populated by humans.

Due to their ancestors' manipulated memories, most of the people of Safehold did not remember their spacefaring past, and considered the planet to be their homeworld.


Safehold was a little smaller than Earth, though it retained Earth standard gravity due to its higher density. In comparison, it had a higher percentage of land surface. The largest continents were Haven and Howard, which were connected by a narrow strait of land. The rest of the landmass was scattered all over the planet's three oceans: the Great Western Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Carter's Ocean; none of which had the size of those on Old Earth.

Many landmasses, like Charis in the south of the eastern hemisphere, were traditionally referred to as islands, even though they were actually small continents in their own right, surrounded by a sheer infinite number of smaller, actual islands.

Because of Safehold's pronounced axial tilt, the planet experienced greater seasonal shifts than Earth. This included an average lower temperature than on humanity's homeworld, due to the star which it orbited, aptly named Kau-zhi. (OAR)

Biology and Environment[]

The world of Safehold

Originally Safehold was unfit for human habitation and had to be terraformed over a period of eight years by the Alpha Terraforming crew. Headed by Pei Shan-wei, they used genetic manipulation among other technologies to adapt the terrestrial plant and animal life to the planet while also culling back the native predators. (OAR)

Native Species[]


Safehold was originally colonized by eight million brainwashed colonists called "Adams and Eves" as part of Operation Ark. (OAR)

Over the centuries their descendants grew in number all over the planet, to about one billion at the time of Merlin Athrawes's arrival in the Kingdom of Charis. (MTAT)