— Editing Conventions —
As the Safehold universe is full of complex and differentiated terminology, this page offers a number of conventions for creating and editing content. Please try to use these conventions when you create an article, or discuss proposed changes on them on the Talk Page.


Safehold Wiki articles are generally written in past tense because there is no omnivalent present time in the Safehold universe from the various readers' point of view. An exception are "real-life articles", which include authors and the source material in the category "Safehold Source Material". Other than that, we write like historians in the future of the Safehold universe writing about its past.


We generally use American English, as that is the language David Weber uses in the source material.

Article Naming


The title of a character article should only consist of the character's first name and last name(s), in that order. Titles, nicknames as well as additional given names should be listed in the header of the article.


  • Cayleb II AhrmahkCayleb Zhan Haarahld Bryahn Ahrmahk, monarch of the Kingdom of Charis ...

Ship Names

Ships are always listed with their fleet prefix (if known). The most common is HMS for the Royal and Imperial Charisian Navy. You may also omit the prefix, but it should remain in the actual link. The name itself should always be in italics.


Nation nicknames

As our articles should show a certain formality, the nicknames for nationals of a certain star nation should not be used too much. If they are, the link should direct the reader right to the specific star nation: [[Full Star Nation Name|Nickname]]



In order to make the information offered on our Wiki reliable for users, reference tags should be added at the end of a text. For this, we use the source templates, which are just links including the title the information comes from, which is shortened into the reference abbreviation in the actual text, and put them in parentheses.


If all information in an article comes from a single source, it is enough to put the reference tag at the end of the text once. If different sources are used in a text, the tag may be used multiple times.

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