This is a little project page to collect the international titles of the Safehold Series.

Germany Edit

In Germany, the Safehold books were first published in 2008, with each book being split up into two volumes each.[1]

Original Title
German Title
Off Armageddon Reef
Operation Arche
Der Krieg der Ketzer
"Operation Ark"
"The Heretics' War"
By Schism Rent Asunder
Codename: Merlin
Die Flotte von Charis
"Codename: Merlin"
"The Fleet of Charis"
3 By Heresis Distressed Die Invasion'Caylebebs Plan "The Invasion"

"The Plan of Cayleb"

4 A mighty fortress Die eiserne Festung'Haus der Lügen "The Iron fortress"

"The House of Lies"

5 How firm a foundation Die Übermacht'Der Verrat "Overpowering"

"The Betrayal"

6 Midst Toil and Tribulation Der Kampf um die Siddarmark'Der Kriegermönch "The Battle for the Siddarmark"

"The Warrior-monk"

7 Like a Mighty Army Die Streitmacht'Mit Dampf und Donner "The armed Forces"

"With Steam and Thunder"

8 Hell's Foundation Quiver Der vergessene Orden'Gefährliche Offenbarungen "The forgotten Order"

"Dangerous Revelations"

9 At the Sign of Triumph Die Schlacht um Safehold The battle of Safehold

References Edit

  1. This was done because books become considerably longer when translated from English to German; as the Safehold novels are sold mainly in paperback in Germany, they would break too easily as one book.