Sailys Trahskhat was a Charisian native and former Temple Loyalist living in the Republic of Siddarmark.

He was married to Myrahm Trahskhat, and had three children with her, Mahrtyn, Pawal, and Sindai.

Back in Charis, he was a professional baseball player, playing as first baseman for the Tellesberg Krakens. He hit twenty-three home runs in his last season. However, when the Schism occured, he and his devoutly religious family left for Siddarmark. Once in Siddar, he found work as a longshoreman, and his family faced aggression from the native mainlanders. Eventually, when the Sword of Schueler began to massacre the Charisian population, he took up arms to protect his family. He was ready to die to give them a head start in their escape, but was saved by the arrival of Aivah Pahrsahn and her secretly created army. (HFAF, MTAT)