Lord Samyl Cahkrayn, Duke of Fern, was a Dohlarian nobleman and the First Councillor of Dohlar. (OAR)

Physical appearance Edit

He was a man of medium height, thick-chested, with still-powerful arms and hands, despite the years he had spent doing office work. His hair had silvered with age, yet it was still thick and curly, his sinewy hands were soft and well manicured. (AMF)

Biography Edit

Cahkrayn was one of the first Dohlarans to pressure the Church to wage Holy War on the Empire of Charis. He did this through communications with Bishop Executor Ahrain Mahrlow. The reasoning behind declaring Holy War on Charis were many fold: besides a religious compunction to fight for "Mother Church", there was also the death gratuity paid to the sailors family should they perish in the war. (AMF)

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