Samyl Naigail was a Siddarmarkian citizen known for his anger and violence towards Charisians, even those who were Temple Loyalists.

Samyl was born in the Year of God 878. When he was seventeen years old in 895 YOG, his family suffered greatly from a series of events. His father, an out-of-work sail-maker, drowned after drinking too much and falling off a wharf.[1] Following this, Samyl's uncle Bryt's business collapsed into bankruptcy, leaving him without an apprenticeship.

As a disgruntled youth, Samyl came under the tutelage of Master Bahzkai and Father Saimyn, who preached hatred against Charisians as well as patience in achieving such goals. (HFAF)

References Edit

  1. It was suspected, however, that this accident was in fact a cleverly disguised suicide, as he had recently secured an apprenticeship for his son.