Samyl Wylsynn was a native of the Temple Lands and a vicar of the Church of God Awaiting, as well as the leader of the Circle.

Family Edit

Samyl Wylsynn came from an old Church family. He was the older brother of Hauwerd Wylsynn, who also became a vicar later in his life. He had two children, Paityr and Erais, with his first wife Tanniere, as well as three children, Tohmys, Archbahld, and Zhanayt, with his second wife Lysbet. (AMF)

Biography Edit

Samyl Wylsynn was born in the Temple Lands in the middle of the 9th Century of God. He became priest of the Order of Schueler and eventually rose to the rank of vicar. Secretly, he was also the leader of the Circle, a reformist movement within the Vicarate that strongly disapproved the actions of the Group of Four, particularly those of Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn. (BHD)

In early 893, it became clear that the Circle had been betrayed from within, and that the Inquisition would soon come for Wylsynn and his brother. Hauwerd decided to end his brother's life with his own hands to spare him further suffering, and then attacked the Temple Guardsmen who came to arrest him. After his death, Samyl Wylsynn was denounced as a child-molester and Shan-wei worshipper by the Inquisition. (AMF)

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