The Schism occured in the Year of God 892, when the Archbishopric of Charis renounced the Church of God Awaiting, declaring that the Temple had been corrupted into a tool of secular power rather than a religious order by the Group of Four.

As a result, the Archbishopric, led by Maikel Staynair, former Bishop of Tellesberg, officially transformed itself into the independent Church of Charis in a ceremony at Tellesberg Cathedral. Mentioning Grand Vicar Tomhys' writ of instruction On Obedience and Faith as inspiration, Staynair read aloud the letter that would be sent to Grand Vicar Erek XVII and the Council of Vicars, and in which he renounced the authority of both institutions. (BSRA)

The Schism eventually led to the Holy War on Charis. (AMF)

Text of the official message to the Grand Vicar Edit

To His Grace, Grand Vicar Erek, of his name the seventeenth, of his Office the eighty-third, Steward and Servant of God and of the Archangel Langhorne, who is, was, and will be God's deputy here on Safehold, from Archbishop Maikel Staynair, Shepherd of Charis, greetings in the name and brotherhood of God.

It is with the most bitter and profound regret that we must inform Your Grace that recent events here in Charis have revealed to us a great evil which has infested God's Church.

The Church and Council of Vicars ordained by the Archangel Langhorne in God's name has been corrupted. Offices, decisions, pardons, writs of approval and attestation, as well as writs of condemnation and anathematization, are sold and bartered for, and the very authority of God is twisted and abused for the ambition, arrogance, and cynicism of men who call themselves vicars of God.

We send to you with this message evidence attesting to and confirming that which we now tell you in our own words.

We indict Zahmsyn Trynair, called a Vicar of God and Chancellor of the Church of God, and with him Allayn Maigwair, Rhobair Duchairn, and Zhaspahr Clyntahn, who also call themselves Vicars of God, for crimes against this Kingdom, this Archbishopric, Holy Mother Church, and God Himself. We offer you proofs that they, acting in concert as the so-called 'Group of Four,' did, in fact, organize and direct the recent attack upon the people of Charis. That Zhamsyn Trynair, individually, and all of them, in concert, did, in fact, use their personas as 'Knights of the Temple Lands' to incite and command the Kings of Dohlar and Tarot, the Queen of Chisholm, and the Princes of Emerald and Corisande, to league together for the express purpose of utterly destroying this Kingdom with fire and the sword. That they misused, misdirected, and stole funds from Mother Church's own coffers to finance their plan to destroy Charis. That they, and others like them, have systematically and continuously abused their positions and their authority in the pursuit of personal power, wealth, prestige, and luxury.

We can no longer turn an ear which does not hear, nor an eye which does not see, upon this ongoing pattern of vile corruption. The high offices of Mother Church are neither the negotiable virtue of some street corner strumpet, nor the plunder of footpads and thieves to be disposed of to receivers of stolen goods in dark rooms, hidden from all honest eyes. They are trusts from God, held in the service of God's children, yet in the hands of those vile men who have been permitted to poison God's own Church, they have become tools of oppression, abuse, and the casual ordering of mass murder.

We, the Archbishop of Charis, speaking of, for, and with the consent of our dread sovereign, King Cayleb II, can and will abide no further degradation of Mother Church. The Mother of all men and all women has become the Harlot of Shan-wei herself, for she has permitted all of the evils enumerated in this message and its accompanying proofs not simply to exist, but to prosper. Accordingly, we can no longer hold ourselves, or our rulers, or the children of God in our care, slavishly obedient to the men who sell that harlot's favors to the highest bidder. We separate ourselves from them, and from you, and we cast you out, for you have permitted them to flourish like noxious weeds in the garden which God has entrusted to you.

The Archbishopric of Charis, as the Kingdom of Charis, rejects the authority of murderers, rapists, arsonists, and thieves. If you cannot purge the Church of such cankers and poisons, then we will cleanse ourselves of them, and, God willing, in the fullness of time, we will purge Mother Church herself of those who profane the vestments and rings of their offices with every breath they breathe, every decision they make.

We do not come lightly to this point, to this decision. We come to it with tears and sorrow. We come to it as children who may no longer serve a mother they have always loved, one whose only ambition has become the systematic enslavement and murder of her own children.

Yet however it may grieve us, however deeply we may wish that it were not so, we have come to this point, to this decision. Here we will stand, for we can do no other, and we appeal to the ultimate judgment of the God who created us all to judge between us and the true fathers of corruption.

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