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In Safeholdian lore, a seijin was a holy man or sage who was given visions and/or other extraordinary powers by God.

The name was derived from an ancient Japanese word (星人, "star-people" or alien) by Maruyama Chihiro, the Eric Langhorne staffer who wrote the Holy Writ of the Church of God Awaiting. (OAR)

They were thought to be legendary warriors and teachers, generally believed to have been touched by the anshinritsumei. Many educated Safeholdians considered seijins to be mythological, fictitious characters. (LAMA)

Modern Seijins[]

In the 9th Century of God, Merlin Athrawes, the identity assumed by Nimue Alban's PICA, identified himself as one who had "some of the powers and abilities of the seijin". He was commonly addressed as such by those who knew of his background. (OAR)

Realizing that the "Order of the Seijin" was perfect to serve as a cover for his activities around the world, Merlin later began to create more seijin characters for himself to portray, and used them to make contact with those who did not know about his true nature and who would have become suspicious to find Merlin Athrawes thousands of miles from where he was supposed to be. (AMF)

Historical Seijins[]

Early in the Year of God 897, Athrawes discovered that the seijins actually existed in the early days of Safehold; they were Adams and Eves whose original memories were selectively restored to turn them into powerful agents of the Church. Many of them helped hunt down the remaining "Fallen", but at least one of them, Cody Cortazar, began to have doubts about their mission. (HFQ)

Known seijin[]

These are the known original seijin from Safehold's early history.

The following people have either claimed to be seijin, or to have their powers.[1]


  1. All of them were actually identities used by one of Nimue Alban's PICAs.