The Sentencing Trials for the Northern Conspiracy were a series of trials conducted after the Serabor Raid, and several other raids like it, which effectively neutralized the Northern Conspiracy.


The trials were held in June of the Year of God 895 in both the Grand Duchy of Zebediah, and the Princedom of Corisande, and were noted for their honesty, fairness, and openess. The accused were allowed to call witnesses and to see and challenge state evidence brought against them. The trials were conducted by judges, and juries composed of peers. However, it should be noted that the evidence was quite overwhelming, and most of the people arrested were at known locations of the Northern Conspiracy. (HFAF)


Below are several of the people tried, and their sentences:

Grand Duchy of ZebediahEdit

  • Grand Duke Tohmys - guilty, sentenced to beheading, loss of title, lands, wealth, and position.

Princedom of CorisandeEdit

On the first day, 39 were sentenced, all were found guilty, 27 men, and six women, among them were:

On the second Day, 27 were sentenced, 17 to death, and 10 pardoned due to extenuating circumstances, among them were:

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