The Serabor Raid marked the end of the Northern Conspiracy and the effective resistance against Charisian rule in the Princedom of Corisande.

Based upon evidence received from a mysterious source, the Regency Council, along with the Charisian Marines, were able to effect lightning raids upon the cells of the Northern Conspiracy. Led by Sir Koryn Gahrvai himself, the Corisandian Army was able to take the city of Serabor and Castle Mairwyn, and to secure the warehouses containing smuggled arms in the very early hours.

Although the leader of the conspiracy, Baron Rahzhyr, could field about eighty armed soldiers, many of whom had the newer Charisian rifles, he was not able to bring them to full use. Because the raid occurred early in the morning, most of his men were intoxicated or asleep, and those who were awake and alert were quickly disarmed and disabled. In the end, the Baron was arrested with very few casualties. Thus the leadership of the Northern Conspiracy was seized and the resistance came to an end. (AMF)