Shan-wei's Rebellion was a short, but particularly violent, confrontation between Pei Shan-wei and Eric Langhorne. It grew from a heated discussion, and ended in both of their deaths. Eventually, it resulted in the martyrdom of Eric Langhorne and the vilification of Shan-Wei, and the transformation of the Church of God into the Church of God Awaiting.


The actual rebellion had been brewing even before Operation Ark began its journey to Safehold. This culminated in Commodore Pei Kau-yung's hiding Nimue Alban's PICA within the Mountains of Light until some future time, when it would be awakened so it could prepare the last of mankind for a renewed war with the Gbaba.

Indeed, as his opponents feared, Eric Langhorne, the chief administrator of Operation Ark, went far beyond the original mission of Operation Ark. Along with Adorée Bédard, he reprogrammed the minds of all of the colonists during the journey to Safehold, so they had no memory of the Gbaba. He imposed upon the colony a permanent anti-technology ban, and created an all-emcompasing religion.

Pei Shan-wei protested these endeavors, and even went as far as to vote against them in the Administrative Council. Secretly, Shan-wei trained numerous followers among the Adams and Eves, such as Jeremiah Knowles, who then carried with them the secret truth of the Gbaba, the Terran Federation, and Operation Ark. (OAR)


After several disagreements on the Administrative Council, the differences in point of view between Shan-wei and Langhorne became irreconcilable. Shan-wei departed during one such heated discussion and returned to the Alexandria Enclave. Langhorne, seeing this as his opportunity, launched a kinetic strike from orbit, which destroyed the enclave, and rendered a large area, henceforward called Armageddon Reef, uninhabitable. In retaliation, Commodore Pei Kau-yung used a small nuclear device to kill himself, Langhorne, and the vast majority of Langhorne's inner circle. (OAR)


After the deaths of Shan-wei, Langhorne, and Kau-yung, the events each of the three had set in motion, so that Safehold would evolve as they wished, had a strong bearing on Safehold's future. Also, Langhorne became a marytr opposite the now demonized Shan-wei, who became the equivalent of the Christian Devil. A follower of Langhorne added the Book of Schueler to the Holy Writ, the sacred text of the Church of God Awaiting, giving even more power to the all powerful, world-wide religion Langhorne had created. (OAR)

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