The galleon, a type of sailing ship

A ship was a large vessel that floated on water, and an important means of transportation and other seabound activity on Old Earth as well as on Safehold.

Ships were generally distinguished from boats based on size and passenger capacity, and could be found on lakes, seas, and rivers, allowing for a variety of activities, such as the transport of people or goods, fishing, entertainment, public safety, and warfare.

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Safeholdians used a variety of ships, mainly sailing ships, to cross the vast oceans and water ways of their planet. Until the arrival of Merlin Athrawes, they had settled for two main types: the galley, a one-masted vessel propelled by oarsmen, served as the main means of naval warfare, while the galleon, a multi-decked sailing ship, was used for trade and transportation.

Once Merlin was introduced into the higher circles of Charisian government, he and others began to re-organize the Royal Charisian Navy, turning it into a fighting force based on heavily armed, cannon-carrying war galleons which soon proved to be superior to other nations' galleys. (OAR)

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