Old Province

Map of Old Province

Siddar, also called Siddar City, and Siddarmark City was the capital city of the Republic of Siddarmark, located in the Old Province. The Siddar River flowed through the city into North Bedard Bay.

The city was home to one of the largest communities of Charisians outside the Empire, located within its own quarter.

History Edit

In the Year of God 890, the Charisian merchant ship Wave Daughter went to Siddar and back, bringing Merlin Athrawes along to Tellesberg. (OAR)

One of the premier ports of East Haven, Siddar had a remarkably secure harbour; piracy was never much of a problem there. Its waterfront and warehouse district were usually bustling hives of almost Charisian-like activity.  (BSRA) Nynian Rychtair, under the alias Aivah Parhsahn, made it her base of operations in Year of God 894.

Siddarmark Civil WarEdit

During the opening phase of the Civil War, the Charisian Quarter suffered greatly, with over two thousand dead, and many war atrocities commited, including rape and torture. Throughout the city several reformist churches were burned, some with their congregations inside. (HFAF)

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