Siddarmark Sea-Lift

The Blue Line indicates the routes of the various Sea-Lifts

The Siddarmark Sea-Lift was a massive undertaking by the Empire of Charis to supply food and other resources to the Republic of Siddarmark during its Civil War.


The Civil War had devastated both the Republic's economy and its ability to feed itself; fields went untended, and food stuffs which were grown could not be safely transported. Although the Empire of Charis had been an opponent of the Republic, the two nations had grown closer due to the on-going war with the Church of God Awaiting. Both nations exchanged in illicit trade, and many Charisians felt the Republic a second home, with several expatriate communities established throughout. There was also a convergence of political and religious beliefs, which had indirectly led to the Civil War.

The Charisians were unwilling to allow a potential ally to collapse under such conditions, hence the creation of the sea lift. (MTAT)


By April of the Year of God 896, six convoys had been dispatched, three from Old Charis and the remainder from both Emerald and Tarot. Including well over 500 galleons, they carried 140,000 tons of food and over 250,000 tons of fodder and animal feed.

The sixth convoy was made up of over sixty merchant galleons, escorted by two full squadrons of war galleons and screened by a dozen Charisian schooners, with twenty-five more galleons from Erastor to join it as it passed through the Charis Sea. (MTAT)

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