The Siege of Manchyr marked the end of the Invasion of Corisande by the military forces of the Charisian Empire. After the Corisandian Army had been severely beaten in the field, Prince Hektor and his remaining men barricaded themselves in the capital city of Manchyr, hoping that they could hold out long enough for help from the Church of God Awaiting to arrive.

However, the Corisandian's situation proved hopeless, and Hektor was prepared to surrender his city and his crown to Emperor Cayleb. When Father Aidryn Waimyn, intendant of the local Bishop Executor, got word that an envoy had been sent to the Emperor, he had Prince Hektor and his oldest son assassinated.[1]

Without a leader[2], the late Prince's generals had no other choice but to negotiate with Emperor Cayleb. He made it clear that no Corisandian property would be seized illegaly and that no Corisandian priest would come to harm as long as all the late Prince’s subjects surrendered peacefully to the Charisian Empire. (BHD)

References Edit

  1. He had secretly been ordered to do so in case Hektor tried to surrender by Grand Inquisitor Clyntahn.
  2. Hektor's younger children had been smuggled out of the city and brought to the Kingdom of Delferahk.