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Silverlode Island

Silverlode Island[1] was an island on the planet Safehold.


Located to the southeast of Emerald Island and directly across Darcos Sound, the smaller Middle Sea and Windhover Sea from Charis, Silverlode Island was almost as big as Charis itself. (OAR, LAMA)

Along with Charis, Margaret's Land, and Emerald Island, Silverlode Island comprised the thoroughly inaccurately labeled "Charisian Archipelago". Silverlode itself was even more sparsely settled than Charis[2], mostly because of its terrain, which was considered rugged even by Safeholdian standards. What population there was tended to be clustered along the long western coastline, sheltered from the dreadful storms which all too often blow in off of the Carter Ocean, to the southeast. Silverlode's towns, cities and petty nobles, although nominally independent of the Charisian crown, owed personal fealty to the Charisian monarch in their capacity of Duke of Silverlode, and for all practical purposes they were an integral part of the Empire. (OAR)

It was largely covered by forests, supplying Charis with almost infinite amounts of wood. (BHD)

While it was never formally made part of the Old Kingdom, Silverlode Island was in fact personally owned by the head of the House of Ahrmahk as Duke of Silverlode. (LAMA)

Mohryah Lode[]

The name of the island was traditionally supposed to refer to the color of the sand on its beaches, but it was eventually discovered by Nahrmahn Baytz that the name of the island was a subtle reference by Pei Shan-wei to the existence of a sizeable lode of silver and gold ore beneath the island's Mohryah Mountains[3]. (LAMA,TFT)


  1. Sometimes referred to as simply "Silver" or "East Charis".
  2. In the Year of God 896, its population was no more than 15,000 people.