The Sisterhood of Saint Kohdy was a covert organization within the Church of God Awaiting.

It was originally founded as an openly-acknowledged order within the Church, with the duty of tending to the tomb of Seijin Kohdy. However, the order received little support from Church officials, and the Mother Abbess was warned by relatives in the Church hierarchy that Kohdy would be purged from the Testimonies and the records of the War Against The Fallen as soon as the last people with personal memories of the seijin passed away.

The Sisterhood was unwilling to abandon their saint, and the lack of support they'd received meant they had already arranged alternate means of funding. The sisters moved the seijin's body to a cave in the Mountains of Light, established the Abbey of the Snows to keep it concealed, and transferred their hidden financial resources to Abbey control. They managed to accomplish all this before the original tomb and abbey was destroyed by a small-scale Rakurai strike.

Since that time, the Sisterhood operated under the concealment of other orders. They continued to tend Seijin Kohdy's hidden tomb, and preserved the saint's armor, sword Helm Cleaver, and his personal journal.

Nynian Rychtair was recruited by the Sisterhood in YOG 862. By the late 870s, she had become the order's Mother Superior. (HFQ)