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Map of the South March Lands

The South March Lands were a territory of the Republic of Siddarmark. It was located in the south west, along the shores of the Gulf of Mathyas, and bordered with the Grand Duchy of Silkiah, the Kingdom of Dohlar, and the Border States. (map)

The South March Lands were a sparsely populated area. The entire territory was one huge military district, divided into regional commands and administered by Army officers. There was also simmering resentment in the territory that it had not yet been organized into provinces with representation in the Chamber of the Senate.

In the opening phase of the Siddarmark Civil War, the territory was bitterly contested, with at least one third of the Army remaining loyal to the Lord Protector. (HFAF)

In February of the Year of God 904, the southern half of the South March Lands was organized into the new Province of Thesmar in one of Lord Protector Greyghor Stohnar's major post-Jihad objectives. (TFT)