Southern Force was the name the Charisians used for the fleet of ships from the Dohlaran and Tarotisian Navy which travelled to Charis Island island from the south-west in order to participate in the planned invasion.

Its counterpart was the Northern Force, which was composed of units from the Corisandian, Emeraldian, and Chisholmian Navy. (OAR)

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The Southern Force was under the overall command of Lord Faidel Ahlverez, Duke of Malikai, the senior military officer of the Kingdom of Dohlar, who was not a trained naval officer. His deputies were Admiral Lord Lywys Gardynyr, Earl of Thirsk, the actual senior naval officer of Dohlar, and Admiral Gahvyn Mahrtyn, Baron White Ford, the commander of the Tarotisian part of the force. (OAR)

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