The Southern Ocean Disaster was a classic tale of a vessel at sea that failed too follow Pasquale's Law after being nearly wrecked.

In the 9th Century of God, a Dohlaran galleon had been all but dismasted by a terrible storm which had blown her far into the trackless depths of the Southern Ocean. Her surviving crew had managed to contrive a jury rig and had eventually found their way home once more, but her speed had been slowed to a crawl, and most of her provisions had been lost or ruined by the storm.

By the time the galleon finally managed to crawl into port on Westbreak Island, two-thirds of her crew had been dead of scurvy, for they'd been unable to keep Pasquale's laws and disease had followed quickly.

Fortunately for the crew, the water was still intact. They managed to catch some of the torrential rain in funnels made of old sails in order to refill their water tanks, and whatever might have happened to their provisions, those tanks had been intact. (OAR)