Southern Ocean Prize

Charis Delferahk Conflict


892 YOG


Southern Ocean


Charisian victory


Charisian privateers

Kingdom of Delferahk
Knights of the Temple Lands


Captain Larys Shaikyr



8 Privateer Vessels

5 Delferahkan galleons,
1 Temple galleon, unknown number of galleys


Unknown, no vessels sunk



In the Year of God 892, several Charisian privateer vessels working together captured several Church of God Awaiting and Delferahkan Navy ships laden with valuable stores, and great quantities of gold and silver bullion.


After the Ferayd Massacre, Emperor Cayleb pledged the resources of the Crown to support operations against the Kingdom of Delferahk, stating that the Crown would be paying privateers head money for the crews of captured or destroyed warships, exactly the way it did to regular Navy crews.

In order to receive support, the privateers had to accept the Crown's rules for awarding prize money. Under those rules, the ships which brought prizes in were entitled to only a fourth part of their actual value, with the remainder going to the Crown. As long as the vessels were cruising in Delferahkan waters, the Crown would cover their operating expenses, and at least a minimal lump sum payment to their ships' companies. Under these circumstances, the amount the privateers did receive from the prize court's awards would be all profit. (BSRA)

Order of BattleEdit

Charisian PrivateersEdit

  • two more privateer vessels


  • Six galleons
  • Unknown number of galleys

Course of BattleEdit

Leading the squadron of privateers, which was comprised of four galleons and several schooners, was Larys Shaikyr, captain of the Raptor; he discovered a fleet of Delferahkan chartered vessels in the Southern Ocean, enroute to the Kingdom of Delferahk. After disabling the Delferanhkan vessels, his squadron was surprised to find that four of the galleons were loaded with naval stores for the Temple's shipbuilding projects, a fifth was carrying several hundred tons of copper and tin ingots for casting artillery. The sixth turned out to be chartered by the Knights of the Temple Lands and contained large quantities of gold and silver bullion, approximately six months worth of payments of shipbuilding subsidies. There were also sums of money for Delferahkan survivors of the Charisian reprisal attack on Ferayd. After a ruling by the Prize Court, the average sailor could expect approximately five years wages from the action. (BSRA)

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