Stauntyn Waimyan was a Vicar of the Church of God Awaiting

He was a long-time supporter of Zhaspahr Clyntahn , due largely to the fact that Clyntahn had a secret file on him.  Shortly after Clyntahn was installed as Grand Inquisitor , one of Vicar Stauntyn's distant relatives was driving a sporting carriage while drunk and ran over a Temple Guardsman's family, crippling his wife and killing his children.  The family called on Waimyan to cover up the incident, and he asked Wyllym Rayno for a "minor favor".  Rayno and Clyntahn obligingly changed the official report to indicate that the family was killed by an unknown individual, but kept the original report and used it on several occasions to make Vicar Stauntyn follow Clyntahn's orders.

In June 897, Clyntahn began to lay the groundwork for removing Allayn Magwair from his position as Vicar and Captain General.  Several vicars and archbishops involved in the organization and control of the Army of God (and all covertly under Clyntahn's control) were told to meet at the Second Church of the Holy Pasquale of the Faithful of Zion.  Waimyan was also ordered to attend as Clyntahn's agent, to give the gathered clerics their orders.  He died in the "Fist of God" bombing of Second Pasquale's along with the other attendees. (HFQ)