The Sylmahn Gap was a long mountain chasm in the Republic of Siddarmark.


Described as "as if some archangel’s battleaxe had cloven the deep, narrow gash," the Sylmahn Gap stretched well over two hundred and fifty miles from north to south. It separated the Moon Thorn Mountains in the east-side from the Snow Barren Mountains in the west-side. It began near the settlement of Saiknyr, south-east towards Serabor

For most of its length, it was about twenty or thirty miles wide, and it narrowed to considerably less than half that in places. The widest portion, found at its northwestern end, contained the fertile tablelands of western Mountaincross. Near the city of Malkyr, the Gap was almost a hundred miles wide, but that width was badly constricted by the deep, cold waters of Lake Wyvern.

Guarnak-Sylmahn Canal, and a major road passed through the Gap, connecting the heartland of the Republic to its hinterlands. (map)

The Gap was well known for its tretourious Lizard Paths. (MTAT)


The Gap was home to many towns and villages, most either along the Guarnak-Sylmahn Canal, or near the shores of Lake Wyvern. During the Rising, many settlements were depopulated by war, and the buildings destroyed.

Below is a listing of several of them running from the north, towards the south.

History Edit

Civil WarEdit

When the Civil War began in the Year of God 895, the Gap[1] became key in holding the central provinces against the onslaught of the Temple Loyalists. The forces loyal to the Lord Protector managed to hold it through the winter, with heavy casualities on both sides.

After the Harystn Ambush, Republican forces were able to stablize the situation once again, through the use of rifles, and tactics.(MTAT)


  1. The Sylmahn Gap was a strategic location, much like Cumberland Gap was to the Old Earth nation the United States. Much like the Sylmahn Gap, it was disputed during its colonial period as invasion coridor into the Indian Territories, and later during their Civil War, when it was a heavily disputed region.